First time homebuyers: How to select a real estate agent

Let’s face it getting access to a real estate agent is easy in this day in age. However, finding an agent that fits your needs isn’t.

First time home buyers should first ask those in their personal circle of air max 97 pas cher friends or acquaintances for a referral to an agent, based upon their experience with them. This could help you narrow down your search.

Finding a realtor is all about hiring someone to address your house situation, whether it be to bury or sell. Treat it like a job interview. So, interview more than on. Some potential questions to ask can be:

How long have you been in real estate business?

Do you primarily work with buyers or sellers?

What markets do you focus on?

How do you plan to communicate with me?

What if I find a house online? can you take me to see it as well?

Do you have any personal references that I can view or call?

What is your marketing plan?

What are your expectations from a Realtor?

Keep these questions in mind. After you have gone through the agents you will have a good idea who best fits your needs.

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